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Upcoming actress Sohana Saba with new movie Rupantor

January 13, 2010

Actress Sohana Saba is all set to embark on a role in filmmaker Abu Sayeed’s latest venture Rupantor. Saba has already made a mark on the film industry by delivering outstanding performances in movies like Aina and Khela Ghar. Recently, she talked  about her part in this unconventional film.

Rupantor showcases the journey of a young filmmaker who sets out to make a movie based on the character of Ekalavya from the epic Maharbharata. Saba plays the role of Shaila, who is assistant to the director, played by Ferdaus. “Abu Sayeed wanted someone who looked smart and intelligent to play the role of a girl who lives abroad. Possibly he saw a spark in me and approached me with the role. What made him take this decision is beyond my comprehension, but I was euphoric,” she confessed.

About her co-actor, she said, “We have a very good understanding. I have known Ferdaus from before we worked together in Aina. Although he is an accomplished artiste, he never made me feel that I was a newcomer.”

The young actress also attributes her choice of role to the privilege of working with Abu Sayeed. “I have always wanted to work with him; I admire his work greatly. Plus, the storyline, which is quite unusual, appealed to me. Unlike most other movies, we do not have any central character in this film. The concept itself is the focus of this project,” she added.

Having worked both on television and the silver screen, Saba strongly believes in giving her best in whatever role she is executing. A hard worker and focused individual, she wants to be able to do more of quality work by which her fans will always remember her. Also a dancer, she analyses the art of dancing and acting as complementary. “My mother was a performer too and I guess some of my skills are inherent. But, dancing has assisted me a lot in acquiring the suitable body language and expressions that are required while acting,” she concluded.

Chandragrahan and Priotom e sur are two of her films that are set to be released soon. As an upcoming actress, she has quickly made a place in the hearts of admirers. A keen audience is now waiting to see her in her new roles once again.

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