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Tisha – from Notun Kuri to future

January 20, 2010

With the film ‘Third Person Singular Number’ drawing audiences in large numbers to cinemas as well as earning rave reviews from critics, Tisha could not have wished for a better start to her cinema career, after her role as the film’s central character. And with that, she has also, at least for the time being, buried fears of not being able to shrug off her ‘child image’ which is vital for those who were child artists like herself, to overcome after they mature.

Tisha began her sojourn under the spotlight at a tender age, participating in the talent hunt programme Notun Kuri. Having begun learning music at the age of five, Tisha won second prize in the 1993 edition of Notun Kuri before winning the gold cup award in 1995.

‘My father had always wanted for me to become a popular singer and always encouraged me with music,’ says Tisha.

Tisha has never looked backed since as she launched a career in the television media, appearing in some popular dramas. Following the encouragement she received to perform in dramas from renowned actress Dolly Zohur, Tisha’s first endeavour in the field was the drama Shat Prohorer Kabbo directed by Ahsan Habib in 1998. A sequence of dramas, which included Firey Dekha, Greeho Golpo and Shopnojatra, followed, before she went on a break from acting. ‘During this hiatus, I took time to prepare myself for the television media,’ she says as she returned in 2004 with her performance in the television drama Kebol ee raat hoye jai.

On her return, she performed in some widely acclaimed dramas such as Sixty nine, Ekoda Nurul Huda, Nikhoj Sangbad, Santo Kutir, Sultana Bibiana and Waiting Room among others.

‘When it comes to dramas, I am especially grateful to Mostofa Sarwer Farooki, Aronno Anwar and Golam Sarwar Dodul. I started out with Aronno Anwar and then Mostofa Sarwar Farooki helped improve my acting skills while Golam Sarwar Dadul cast me for roles of different dimensional characters,’ says Tisha.

Tisha has also enjoyed a great deal of success as a model, featuring in some popular advertisements for Bombay Sweets, Keya Cosmetics, City Cell and Coca Cola before bagging the Meril Prothom Alo award for modelling in 2003 as well as in 2004.

In the meantime, Tisha’s first step in films could not have been more auspicious with the kind of interest Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s ‘Third person singular number’ is currently generating. She herself admits to be surprised by the reaction to the film and hopes to further her career in films in the mould of ‘Third Person Singular Number’.

‘The response has been awesome. I visited different cinema halls and everywhere I saw enthusiastic people turning up in the audience. I did not imagine people would respond in this way as some cinema halls are even arranging special shows for the film,’ she says.

‘I want to perform in some good movies. If the script and other things are okay, I will perform in films. But I would prefer to perform in films like my first one, rather than the commercial ones,’ adds Tisha.

Tisha attributes a lot of her successes as an artist down to the contribution of her parents through their constant encouragement and confesses to be a ‘family woman’ when away from the sets.

Her father, Enamul Haque died in a road accident seven years ago while her only brother, Ethan Parvez is currently in England. She lives with her mother Shahin Mahfuza while studying ‘Film and Media’ at Independent University Bangladesh.

Looking ahead, Tisha remains slightly philosophical about her future, claiming to have not drawn any particular plans regarding her career.

‘I will go on for as long as I can and will only stop when the path ahead shows a dead-end. But what I do know now is that I want to perform in some good dramas,’ Tisha concludes.


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  1. Dhike on Thu, 4th Feb 2010 9:52 pm 

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  4. kamu on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 3:28 am 

    One upon a time I was impresed about you,your acting about your dramas at that timeyou were looks natural but days goes on you became famous and profesional.Now you are over confident..you loss your naturality.If it is profesion thats ok..otherway ………..

  5. Joy on Wed, 28th Jul 2010 7:12 am 

    U r very nice actor. I am only your fan. So u r great, this for- maik, 420, graduate, a mators of love, valobasha valobasha etc nice drama. Ok best or luck.
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  6. shohel rana on Fri, 30th Jul 2010 2:09 pm 

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  7. Kalyan on Fri, 27th Aug 2010 8:25 am 

    Tisha remind me of Suchitra Sen. Her acting is very natural. I liked her performances in Gogon, Golper-naam-ja-hoyna etc. She is very talented and has tremendous potential. I will be anxiously waiting to see many great performances of her in the future. we should all celebrate that after a long time such an actress is amongst us that. I hope she gets a chance to work with some of the great directors from India as well. I am not a Bangladeshi. My ancestors migrated to India from Dhaka, Bikrampur during the partition of 1947. As a Bengali, I wish her lots of luck. God bless her!

  8. rana on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 8:58 am 

    what u want to do tisha

  9. akiza izayoi on Sat, 12th Mar 2011 5:53 am 

    this is the bad girl!mdr!

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    You are a nice actor.and i have a great script for you.If you wanna hear it than contact me on facebook

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    You are a good actor Tisha

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