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Monpura Movie Fan Review

March 11, 2009

Noted television director Giasuddin Selim’s much hyped movie Monpura finally got released on the first day of the spring. The curiosity factor attached with this movie is natural since this movie is remarkable for quite a good number of reasons.

First of all, it is the debut film by talented small screen director Selim, secondly, the familiar faces of our television drama Chanchal Chowdhury and Farhana Mili paired for the first time on the big screen through this movie,. Thirdly, gifted music director and young craze Arnob for the first time composed music for any Bangla movie. Moreover, because of the overwhelming response of the audio soundtrack of this movie, the expectations increased manifold. Now the question is has Monpura delivered what was expected of it? The answer is a resounding YES.

Shonai and Pori in monpura movie

Shonai and Pori in monpura movie

Although Monpura is a simple love story, but it is the manner in which the story has been revealed is perhaps the high point of the movie. Considering it as a debut initiative by the director, main actor and actresses and music director, one has to admit that it was a good if not the best attempt they made. The cinematography, editing, music and their picturisation, acting everything deserve kudos. I’m sure no other Bangla movie has ever depicted our rural Bangla more beautifully than Monpura did. The main story of Monpura revolved around the love story between Sonai (Chanchal Chowdhury) and Pori (Farhana Mili).As a protagonist, Chanchal did an excellent job and Farhana Mili was good as always.

The other characters, like the mentally disabled man(Monir Khan Shimul) and the landlord of Sonai (Mamunar Rashid) also did very well. But it was none other but Chanchal who steals the show with his magnificent expressions and acting. His emotional outbursts are splendid, and making him break down on several occasions is another human aspect that director explores quite well. Although Monpura primarily revolves around two simple characters Sonai and Pori, the two believable characters, the reason that brings them together is realistic and the conflict that ensues is equally convincing. This factor is its USP.A small section of the audience may not take to the ending whole-heartedly, mainly because it’s not a conventionally joyous culmination. But tragic ends have gone down very well with cine goers.

Nazmus Saquib, Dept of English, Stamford University, Dhaka


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