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Film shows on liberation wars begins Dec 11

December 9, 2009

A four-day film festival on the war of independence of different countries begins tomorrow at Maitree Auditorium and Mukti Bhaban at Purana Paltan and Bahadur Shah Park in Old Town of Dhaka.

Surya Dighal Bari-famed director Masihuddin Shaker is expected to inaugurate the festival titled ‘Muktijuddha Deshey Deshey’ (liberation war in different countries) at Maitree Auditorium.

The festival, to be organised by Ranesh Dasgupta Chalachitra Sangsad, will screen eight movies.

‘Charukolay Muktijuddha’ directed by Manzare Hassin Murad will be screened at 4:30pm and ‘All Quiet in the Western Front’ directed by Lewis Milestone at 5:15pm on the opening day.

On December 12, ‘Canal’ directed by Andre Wasda will be screened at 3:30pm and ‘No Man’s Land’ directed by Danis Tanovic 5:30pm at the same venue.

The organisers will arrange screen ‘Nine Months of Freedom’, directed by S Sukhdev at 6:00pm on the day at Bahadur Shah Park on December 13.

Film shows on liberation wars

Film shows on liberation wars

The film ‘Sei Rater Kotha Bolte Asechhi’ directed by Kaisar Chowdhury will be screened at 6:00pm and ‘Battle of Algiers’ directed by Gillo Pontecorvo at 7:00pm at Mukti Bhaban on December 14.

Baki Billah of Ranesh Dasgupta Chalachitra Sangshad said, ‘We will show our tribute to all the liberation war fighters of the world and try to arrange more programmes presenting the significant and inspiring events of the world.’

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