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Duratta Bangla Movie

September 24, 2004

From the mid-1980s, the middle class viewers lost their interest to go to cinema halls to watch Bangladeshi films. One major reason behind this has been the lukewarm expressions of poor movies as well as vulgarity. In the last few years, Impress Telefilm has presented some enjoyable movies, which have drawn the middle class audience to the theatre halls. In line of that endeavour, Impress Telefilm premièred its latest production Duratta on September 23.

Based on popular writer Humayun Ahmed’s story, the film marks an important change: generally, Humayun himself gives direction to his films, but this time the audience have got renowned Morshedul Islam behind the camera.

In Duratta, through the story of three children–one from the elite society and the two other from slum areas–Morshedul Islam’s screenplay depicts the loneliness of a child in a disciplined fashionable elite family. At the end of the movie, when the rich boy says good bye to his slum dwelling friends, Morshed’s symbolic use of a sweater is really superb.

However, the pace of the movie seems a little bit slower than expected. The train journey sequences could be a little less smaller. Morshed also could not manage well the last scene when the rich boy returns to his parents: performers lacked proper expression.

Subarna Mustafa and Humaun Faridy as the rich couple were very impressive. As a slum dweller child actor Amol also played well.


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