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Dub Shatar In Too Deep Bangla Movie

April 28, 2009

Dub Shatar In Too Deep. A 90 minute Bangla digital movie.

A face among many, a face that you pass by everyday on the street, a face that could be you, your sister, your brother, or anyone else’s. Every face tells a story, they live a life, seemingly mundane, full of drudgery and monotony. Yet, even among these moments of dull drudgery, there are moments of pure poetry, excitement and enlightenment. The story of “In Too Deep” is just like that. Renu, once a tomboy, full of life and expectations, has entered the paradigm of “reality”. She has been the eyes of her elder brother, born blind into this world. She gave color in his world, as her world turns grey. She has been taking on the world. Her dream and her reality are like two distant planets. Her escape becomes her passion, taken on, as a form of obsession, for the distant and aloof world of a recluse man. Her interaction with him bears a strange fruit. And she tries to find her answers around her, from her childhood to her dreams and beyond. Will the changing tides all around her bear her answer?

Renu : Joya Ahsan
Rokon : Ashoke Bepari
Rehan : Sahriar Shuvo
Mother : Wahida Mallik Jolly
Thief, Pakhi : Debangshu Hore
Punom : Shrabastee Tinny
Sunny : Shadhin Khoshru
Mithila : Sushama Sharkar
Imran :Rudro Shahriar
Renu’s Colleague1 : Qazi Apu
Colleague 2 : Kakoli
Colleague 3 : Shamim Visti
Diveya : Swagata
Renu, Kid : Sadnima
Rokon, Kid : Kunal
Mother, Young : Meena
Mustan : Shawjib
Shopkeeper : Junaid Halim
& Others

Crews & Production Team:
Producers : Chaos 7, Intent design
Dialogue : Matia Banu Shuku
Cinematography : Rashed Zaman
Art Director : Liton Kar
Editing : Sarwar hossain shagor, I. kabir joel
Sound Track : Victor & Onom
Song : Joya, Shehzad,Sumel
Colorist : Biddut, Bioscopewala
Stills : Shehzad, Mumit, Tuman, Rajeev
Bangla logo Design : Shobboshachi Hazra
Print & web Design:Shehzad
Script & Direction : Nurul Alam Atique

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  1. prasenjit bhar on Sat, 22nd Oct 2011 2:39 am 

    very good