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Bangla Telefilm Pirit

April 8, 2009

Addressing communal prejudice among the populace of the northern part of the country, “Pirit” zooms in on a couple — Sujon and Putul. Sujon returns to his village from the city with his wife Putul. Putul is hearing impaired. Sujon somehow fails to make the villagers believe that Putul is his wife. The villagers raise questions about their relationship and finally decide to have them remarry in the village.

Bigotry takes central stage, as according to customs Sujon must marry a banana tree before tying the knot with Putul. At this point it is revealed that Putul is pregnant. Hindu and Muslim communities of the village arrange separate ‘panchayet’ do address the issue.

One night Sujon and Putul decide to elope.

The telefilm, in the dialect of greater Rangpur, has been shot in different locations of North Bengal. Joy Raj, Momo, Pran Roy, Shahana Sumi and Mostafizur Rahman have played the central roles. Prashanta Adhikari has directed and written the script of the telefilm.

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