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Akash Koto Durey

February 18, 2014

Samia Zaman’s first feature film Rani Kuthir Baki Itihas, released in 2008, presented a love story played by the popular Dhallywood duo Ferdaus-Poppy.

Her second feature film, Akash Koto Durey, released this week, however, depicts dark sides of life through the character of a street urchin named Bichchhu.

The film that won the government grant in 2009 has been running since Friday simultaneously at the Star Cineplex of Bashundhara City and at the Blockbuster Cinemas of Jamuna Future Park.

The story of the film revolves around Bichchhu, an orphan who escapes from an orphanage and makes friendship with two street urchins named Bullet and Jasim, who introduce Bichchhu to the crime gang-stars in Dhaka, led by seasoned Dhallywood actor Misha Saudagar.

But, the film is not an action thriller featuring the activities of the underground criminals. Akash Koto Durey rather unfolds the multifold stories through Bichchhu’s encounters with diverse characters, both good and evil, which make the film suitable one to be a good outdoor family entertainment.

And in the role of the challenging character of Bichchhu, child artiste Aunkon performed well, especially incorporating the emotions of the relevant sequences.

Zulfiquer Russel’s story, screenplay and dialogues feature different emotions such as a saintly character, played by the famous Dhallywood actor Razzak, touches the hearts of the audience.

The film addresses serious issues such as violation of child rights at the orphanages and urchin children’s getting involved in crimes in such a realistic manner that it let the audiences to think on these issues.

The film is also entertaining as it includes some tuneful songs Bhalobashi Etai Shesh Kotha, Kothai Achho O Doyamoy, Elo Re Elo, Akash Koto Durey and Bhalobashi Etai Shesh Kotha set in some exotic locations in Cox’s Bazar and St Martin’s Islands.

These songs feature actor Faria Tahsin playing the role of Pori and Mostafa Prokash in the role of Arif. Pori is also a street urchin who befriends Bichchu while Arif is her beloved. Through the scenes of Pori and Arif, the director has illustrated the fact that even the urchin children might have happiness in life.

It’s at the same time a weakness of the film as the director gives equal treatment to all the parallel stories including street urchins’ involvement with the underground and romance story of Pori, played by Faria Tahsin and Arif. As a result, the message of the film is lost.
The film has been produced by Impress Telefilm.

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