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Abu Sayeed makes movies for his artistic satisfaction

November 1, 2010

For independent filmmaker Abu Sayeed, idea of movie is to highlight art more than to provide entertainment for masses. With this idea, though it may contradict with many, he came up with films like ‘Abarton’, ‘Dhushar Jatra’, ‘Kittonkhola’, ‘Nirontor’ and ‘Opekkha’. He has already clutched many national and international awards for many of his films.

Though Sayeed always opted to be an actor, this desire even forced him to flee from his home for Dhaka when he was only 12, ultimately he has become a name as an independent filmmaker.

‘I feel it is just my destiny’, Abu Sayeed goes back on his boyhood days, when he has already fallen in love with film and nurtured a dream of making a film of his own. To make his dream a reality, he has begun with reading some books on filmmaking and watching films carefully. He finally made it as a filmmaker through the short fiction ‘Abarton’ in 1988.

According to Sayeed, with many young and talented filmmakers independent film making in the country has improved a lot but there is still a long way to go.

‘One of the biggest challenges an independent filmmaker faces is the contraction of money. I feel I have been lucky to get some grants for my films over the years and without those grants, It would be really hard for me to make even a single film,’ Sayeed said.

However, Abu Sayeed is quite optimistic as the film industry of Bangladesh seems is regaining a healthy scenario these days. The authorities have launched a tough campaign to stamp out obscenity, a menace that dominated the arena for over one decade.

‘The Film Development Corporation is in badly needs of technical development that can help run the whole film industry smoothly to support the entire film industry, said he.

However, Abu Sayeed does not believe in any united platform for the independent and commercial filmmakers to help the whole film industry progress.

‘No, I don’t think so; the two trends have been completely different from each other so far,’ Sayeed cleared his stance. He also claimed that the commercial filmmakers do not bother much about the artistic sense and this is what distances them with indie filmmakers.

Sayeed is now working on a script for is next film ‘Rupali Britto’, which would be an adaptation of the novel ‘Pencil Anka Pari’ by popular novelist Humayun Ahmed. Sayeed found something different in the novel and that ultimately encourages him to make a new feature film based on it.

He has almost finished working on the script. He hopes to to begin shooting for the film by next year.

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