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3rd Person Singular Number Movie Review

December 14, 2009

Dealing with the issue of a single woman living independently in our society, the movie ‘Third Person Singular Number’ asks an inevitable question- is she always meant to be treated as an outcast?

If the subject itself does not excite you, than be informed, that the movie will be packed with dialogue scripted by none other than the dynamic duo of Mostafa Sarwar Farooki and Anisul Huq, while the music score will be done by contemporary musician Topu.

After the success of ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Made in Bangladesh’, this will be Farooki’s third full feature film and it promises to be a trailblazer deviating from the first two in content and style, yet retaining Farooki’s signature perks.

To start, Farooki never ceases enthuse audiences with his out-of-the-box titles. This time around, Farooki could not have chosen a better name to capture the plight of single woman by using a phrase from the grammar books, which has also become a popular Bangla slang, suggesting a variety of things.

The movie will introduce on the screen for the first time young, revered vocalist and guitarist Topu, of the music band Yaatri, joined by a stellar cast of Mosharraf Karim, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Marjuk Russel, Shahir Huda Rumi, Farhan and more.

Third Person Singular Number
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Inspired by the novel ‘Tin Porber Jibon’ by Syed Manzurul Islam and some real life case studies, cinematography by Subroto Ripon, the movie has brought together a wide variety of talent and ideas.

A lead character of this film will be played by Mosharraf Karim.

‘This is my first film with Farooki. Previously, I did perform in his serial dramas and telefilms. I am primarily excited and motivated because of the script and because Farooki is the director. He can bring out the best within an actor and working for him is always a great challenge’.

Tisha was very animated while talking about the movie.

‘This film is emotional for a number of reasons. Mainly, this will be my debut film and secondly, the character I am playing, requires heavy emotional acting and if I don’t do my part properly, this film might very well become a flop,’ she says seriously.

‘It is a huge challenge, first of all, because I am emotionally attached to this production since this is my first appearance on silver screen and secondly, critics will be eyeing it sharply.’

Farooki is introducing musician, Topu as a prime character in this film. When asked, Topu said he loves doing music because it is his passion and he loves doing music to experience purity and untainted fun.

‘Performing in this movie is very similar to composing music. It is not about changing tracks like shifting from music to movies or anything in particular, it is just the sheer excitement of working with a director as big as Farooki.’

‘The name of my character in the movie is also Topu and this character is a singer whose words and tunes will narrate the gist of the film…even when fans will hum the songs’, added Topu, smiling.

Armed with a soundtrack full of depth and tunes, the songs are written and composed by Topu himself and Fuad Al-Muqtadir and sung by Sumon, Anila and Topu – an additional treat for the movie-goers.

Farooki says, ‘this movie will differ from my other films treatment wise. This will have components of European avant-garde documentary films and instead of humour; this will be an emotional story circling a young couple’.

‘We are working with the final version of the movie’s script and the shooting will start from July 21. With the movie website under construction, fans will be able to know more about the status of the movie production by typing ‘chabial (vai-beradar)’ on the social networking site Facebook’ added Farooki.

by Faizul Khan Tanim


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9 Comments on "3rd Person Singular Number Movie Review"

  1. zahirul islam on Mon, 14th Dec 2009 6:50 am 

    at frist thanks to directer all actor actres.it is nice movie.

  2. Nazmus Saquib on Thu, 31st Dec 2009 5:39 am 

    Movie Review: Does ‘Third Person Singular Number’ worth its hype?

    Writing a negative review of a movie by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is tough going! And this is because of the sole fact that his detractors are not as many as his admirers. Writing bad about the movie would be a disgrace to his fans. If I would love to be in the safer side, writing good about the movie would be the only option. But by compromising with my conscience if I write a good review for this movie, that would mislead the readers.

    Before starting my review, I would like to ask you a question—what does it take to make a commercially successful yet critically acclaimed movie for the Bangladeshi audience? Perhaps it requires a story without substance, few commercially hit soundtracks, few vulgar dialogues and gestures and last but not the least, blessings from the media people for creating the much desired hype. This is exactly what I felt like many of the audiences after watching the widely publicized movie by celebrated film-maker Mostofa Sarwar Farooqi –‘Third Person Singular Number (TPSN).’

    After its release in Dhaka and across the country, the movie has already created euphoria and my bashing of the movie will not create any impact for the director or the producer of the movie as the movie has already been declared a huge hit and the response from the audience has been overwhelming to say the least. The story of TPSN is not a conventional one and it requires you to come to the hall with an open mind to digest what Farooqi has been trying to establish in the conservative society of ours and that is ‘Live-in relationships’—a concept of the West which totally goes against our culture and tradition, not to mention about the religion. But sometimes even a bold subject like this can get along well with the audiences by the manner in which the director executes his story and I feel here is what Farooqi lacked to show his creative prowess.

    For your convenience, here’s a brief of the movie: TPSN zooms in on the existence of a single woman in our society. Ruba, a progressive young urban woman, who does not want her personal freedom to be compromised. She loves Munna. But when Munna is physically absent from her life, Ruba faces the reality. Her identity, existence as an individual is questioned by the conservative society. Ruba believes in her own independence. She gives no thought to the judgments that people pass on her or her relationship with Munna. But when Munna is suddenly ripped from her life, Ruba must face what it truly means to be an independent woman in a conservative society. Her fight with present situation continues. But the film unfolds another layer in which Ruba fights with her past. She tries so desperately to avoid the trap set by her past. The film poses a question: can a woman, on her own, lead a secure life in our society?

    If I analyze the story, I must say that this movie is dealing with the concept of living together without taking the sacred vows of matrimony which is not alien by any standards in real life especially in many progressive countries. In reel life, yes, not many film-makers in our country can dare to delve deep into the intimate relationship shared by three consenting adults like Farooqi does in TPSN . In that respect, Farooqi does try to make an effort to push the envelope but in the process totally messed it up. Our audiences have still not come of age and continue to be orthodox about certain issues. And that’s one of the vital reasons why the viewers really raises an eyebrow or feel aghast while watching the flick. In this respect I would like to mention few of the scenes which easily could have been avoided. For example, the scene where Tisha was forced to listen one of the song by pop star Akon which contains the line like ‘You already know I want to fuck you’, the scene where Abul Hayat took a close look on the sensitive parts of Tisha’s body, the scene where Topu was searching the drug stores to purchase condoms, etc. There are plenty of such scenes and dialogues in the movie which will make the audiences feel embarrassed to watch it with the family. Farooqi should realize that there are certain scene which does not require spoon feeding. As a noted film-maker, he should understand where to draw the line. I know the target audience – the youth would definitely like the movie for such brave scenes and will cheer and clap in the hall as well. But does it make any sense? Does a film-maker like Farooqi’s stature require to make humor at the cost of burying our moral values and sensibilities?

    But on a positive note, the acting of Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Rashed Uddin Ahmed Topu, Abul Hayat were top notch in the movie. Mosharraf Karim played his part meticulously but most of his role has been wasted in jail! Cinematography is fantastic. The lensman does complete justice to the eye-filling locations of cox-bazar and Bashundhara project area. The music is The USP of TPSN without doubt, especially Habib and Arnob’s musical score. The film has some melodious tracks, but the music was not complimented well by an equally superior script that is the biggest drawback of the movie.

    On the whole among the various scenes of the movie – some are interesting, some are mundane, some yawn-inducing and boring. I admit that the film boasts of a number of striking sequences with the signature touch of Farooqi. But I can’t give kudos to Farooqi for presenting a flick that dares to be different, but failed to do that without hurting the sensibilities of a moviegoer. Farooqi should understand that we love him for his creative aptitude and out-of-the-box thinking, but we do not always love to accept the audacity with which he has been projecting his views to the audiences. In a nutshell , his utopian concept just doesn’t work here.

    So to sum it up, all I want to advice him is that he understands where to draw the line, sooner rather later!

    Reviewed By
    Nazmus Saquib

  3. shoma on Sat, 30th Jan 2010 2:06 am 

    3rd person singular number movie is very nice movie ,i m writing a event and i want to give it to mostafa sarwar farooki ,i think it will help to him for make a attractive cinema & i also think that events too much need for young generation,who likes to love.

  4. shumon on Wed, 4th Aug 2010 6:43 pm 

    very nice

  5. rasel on Wed, 25th Aug 2010 10:23 am 

    hi rasel

  6. Farhad on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:49 am 

    motir moina

  7. Nandan Raj on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 10:49 am 

    Very Good.

  8. arif on Fri, 24th Aug 2012 4:13 am 

    3rd person singular number