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“Unadittya” goes to 8th Third Eye Asian Film Festival

December 10, 2009

Young filmmaker Razibul Hossain’s second feature film “Unadittya” is participating in the 8th Third Eye Asian Film Festival. The festival is being held in Mumbai (India), starting from December 4.

“Unadittya” is an official selection for the festival, which Razibul hopes will bridge the gap between Asian film industries.

“Unadittya” will be screened as part of the Information Section of the festival.

About his endeavour Razibul said, “Representing Bangladesh with the film is an honour for me.”

Vija Mehta, executive director, NCPA, inaugurated the festival. Over 100 feature and short films from 24 countries are being screened at the festival.

“Unadittya” follows a young photographer Khalid Saikat’s journey to an unknown destination.

While roaming about, he reaches a village by a river and meets a night-blind boatman. The boatman drops him off at a strange place. Khalid finds out that the place is an ‘Orao’ village. At the village he meets two Orao individuals — Arun Khalko and Shukra. Khalid finds their identities quite confusing.

In the midnight Khalid is awakened by the sounds of singing and beats of madol. Khalid realises that celebration for the traditional Orao festival called ‘Fagua’ is on.

RGB Factory in association with Asura Films has produced “Unadittya”. Habib Zakaria has written the script. Mehdi Mainul, Runa Khan, Shomu Chowdhury and Joy Raj play the lead roles.

“Unadittya” had its world premiere at the South Asian Film Festival in Goa last year.

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