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Jaago released today

January 15, 2010

Country’s first sports based Bengali full-length feature film ‘Jaago,’ Interspeed’s latest endeavour, has been released in six cinema halls across the country yesterday. It is mentioned that ‘Jaago’ is the first Bangladeshi film based entirely on football.

Directed by Khizir Hayat Khan, the cast includes Ferdous, Tareq Anam Khan, Faisal, Bindu, Raunak, Naim, Arefin Shuvo, Kaiser Hameed, Palash, Jotika Joti, Sharleen, Diana and a group of young talented actors.

Khizir Hayat Khan has done the screenplay for the film, while Adnan Karim is the producer of the film.

‘Jaago’ features a football mach between ‘Comilla Azad Boys,’ a Bangladeshi team and ‘Tripura Eleven’ from India. Though there has been no previous record of winning against the visiting team, the local team snatches victory through determination, hard work and team spirit.

The story of “Jaago” is said to be inspired by the ‘Swadhin Bangla Football Team,’ who alongside the Freedom Fighters in 1971 played a vital role in the Liberation War by raising funds and support for our war through charity matches.

Along side the story of the movie also contains wonderful songs titled ” Jhum jhum brishti,” “Shomoy churi,” “Keno choley geley,” “Pothey jetey jetey” and “Jaago Bangladesh.”

Popular artistes like Kumar Bishwajit, Bappa Majumdar, Arnob, Milon Mahmud, Ishtiaque Hossain, Johad, Kona, Srabonti Ali and Konok Aditya have also lent their voice. The songs have been composed by Arnob. ATN Bangla and Radio Foorti are media partners of ‘Jaago.’ The film has been sponsored by Citycell.

The film aims at inspiring Bangladeshi football into reclaiming the old passion of victory and patriotism.

As per the director, the story is the hero over here and all the actors will be playing their roles to uphold the spirit of the film. Arnob, one of talented music directors of the present generation, will compose the songs for the film.

Shooting of Jago started in Comilla on July 03, 2008 and completed in April 2009. Locations also include Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar. The film is produced by Sharjeel Karim and Adnan Karim and directed by Khijir Hayat Khan who has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film.

It is expected to be a good family movie to watch.

Movie Songs & Trailers:

Jaago – Pothe Cholte

Jaago – Jaago Movie Trailer for TVC


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