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Remembering Alamgir Kabir

January 23, 2014

For Alamgir Kabir film was not just a passion but was the tool of expression of his pertception on the society.

The valiant freedom fighter who always dreamt of a discrimination free society, expressed his belief artistically in his films, observed the seminar held on the concluding day of the three-day Alamgir Kabir Memorial Programme at the National Art Plaza auditorium of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

The programme that ended on Wednesday also featured screening of Kabir’s popular feature film Simana Periye and his documentary on the war of independence titled Eksagor Rakter Binimoye.
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Alamgir Kabir Film Center, Federation of Film Societies of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Short Film Forum and Bangladesh Documentary Council have jointly organised the programme marking Kabir’s 25th death anniversary.

Film connoisseur Mahmudul Hassan Dulal presented the keynote speech titled ‘Samaj O Cholochchitra: Alamgir Kabir Samakalin Prasangikata’.

According to Dulal’s keynote paper Alamgir Kabir’s social consciousness as a filmmaker has been reflected in his film Mohona, which depicts the struggles of the poor villagers in the society.
Even in his commercial film Simana Periye, Kabir depicted a love-story between a poor villager and a woman from an affluent family just to present his belief of building a discrimination free society, Dulal analysed.

According to Dulal, the society conscious director Kabir was always a believer of women emancipation. ‘He used to believe that total development of the country is not possible unless or until the female population is not freed from all sorts of discrimination and bondage.

Kabir used this viewpoint in his film Surjokanya where he showed the spirit and intelligence of a woman,’ said Dulal in his keynote paper.
‘Besides, Alamgir Kabir was a mouthpiece in presenting his time. Therefore, in Dhirey Bohe Meghna, he presented life, its expectations and its struggles of contemporary middle class,’ he added.

The speech was followed by the screening of Eksagor Rakter Binimoye. The valiant freedom fighter Alamgir kabir in his documentary depict the complete picture of the war using real life footages of 1971 beginning from the founding president of the country Shaikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic speech on March 7.

It also shows the freedom fighters’ training and fighting in the battle ground against the Pakistani invading army, the genocide committed by the invading army and the common people’s zeal after winning the war.

Kabir’s Simana Periye depicts the love and struggle of a young, rich woman and a young, poor man who get stuck in a remote island after the cyclone in 1970. The film stars Bulbul Ahmed, Jayasree Kabir, Kafi Khan, Golam Mustafa and others have acted in the film.

The film received three National Awards of 1977 including in the best actor category.

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