Third person singular Number Bangla Movie Shooting Starts

July 13, 2008

Now that the script is done, popular filmmaker Mostafa Sarwar Farooki is set to shoot his latest movie, Third Person Singular Number from July 21.

Inspired by Syed Manzoorul Islam’s novel, titled Tin Parber Jibon O Kichhu Bastab Case Study, playwright Anisul Haque and Farooki have jointly written the script for Third Person Singular Number.

Featuring the bonds among a convict sentenced to lifetime, his wife and an amateur singer, the film poses a question: Can a woman living alone lead a secure life in our society?

Amplifying on the interesting title of the feature film, Farooki said, “Literally, third person singular number means she or he. Our intention is to point out issues faced by individuals living on the fringes of contemporary society.”

Most of the cast members of the film are small screen actors including Mosharraf Karim, Tisha and Marjuk Russel. Farooki said, “Tisha and singer Tapu will play the central roles of Ruba and Tapu. Mosharraf Karim will play the other major role Munna.”

On his treatment of the film, Farooki said, “I’ll focus on the psyche of the three major characters — Ruba, Munna and Tapu. My intention is to portray the multidimensional characteristics of the individuals.”

Popular singers — Tapu, Suman, Anila and Fuad — have recorded two songs to be used as playbacks in the movie. “We will release the soundtrack just before the release of the movie. I believe both the movie and the album will attract many,” concluded Farooki.


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