Monpura Movie – Looking from the other side of the aile

May 4, 2009

All in all, barring a few flaws, Monpura is a nice movie to watch with the family. I would have been happier had the producer avoided the scene of suicide by the heroine at the end of the movie. Moreover, the failed attempt by Sonai and Pori to run away from their family and foes is another scene which might give bad impression to our youngsters. As this movie has been termed as “Banglar premer golpo”–The love story of Bangla, so our young people or even the adults might take inspiration from this movie and if they ever try to commit suicide after failing in love, or even if the try to run away with their beloved inspiring by Monpura, than what would be the purpose of making a movie like Monpura’s stature? Movies are the reflections of our lives and Monpura is not a ‘brainless’ movie. So I think the director should have been more careful in this respect.

It is an exceptional but not an extraordinary film and I would like to request our young generation not to copy what Sonai and Pori tried to do to make their love a success.

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