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Monpura Bangla Movie breaks 45 year old records

March 12, 2009

[New Age Reports] A full-length feature film, Monpura breaks the 45-year record of ticket sale at a box office in Dhaka within three weeks after the release on February 13.

More than 50,000 viewers already bought tickets in the last three weeks to watch the movie, being showed at Balaka Cineworld and Balaka 2, said a hall official.

‘It already broke the record of the country’s first released film Mukh O Mukhosh, which was showed for six consecutive months, said Balaka manager SR Ahmed Joy, adding about 50,000 people enjoyed the film in 1964.

The hall authorities said they would run the film to the full demand of the viewers.

The film also hit 25 more box offices across the country on Friday for the fourth week, said the boastful director, Giasuddin Selim, who stepped into the world of cinema through the film.

‘I am very delighted that my film has drawn the attention of the film-buffs of all ages’, said the director seeking help from the law-enforcing agencies to save the film from being pirated.

Monpura hit theatres across the country on February 13 and got a good response from all sorts of viewers so far.

‘The film is really great. It is exactly reflects the aesthetic view of the country with a rich heritage’, said a viewer Rajib Ahmed.

‘The simple presentation of life and the rich culture generally attract every walks of people and Selim has aptly portrayed those aspects of life through his debut film,’ he said.

After seeing the film, Badrul and Mita studying at Dhaka University shared their opinions.

‘Actually we do not love to watch Bangla films as the quality of our films is going down day by day. But the case of Monpura is different… the simple presentation of life portrayed in the film made it a hit among a cross section of viewers’, said Mita. ‘Though the dialogues are very simple, it creates a long lasting impression on the mind,’ she added.

The film-buffs urged the filmmakers to make quality films to save the country’s biggest entertainment industry that releases about 100 films a year.

Shawkat Ali Khan


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