Film artiste Lalu in hardship

June 26, 2008

Film artiste Abdul Ali Lalu, popularly known as Lalu Bhai, is passing his days in a great hardship.

Lalu was a popular name on BTV and Radio. He became popular for his dialogue ‘Kainchain Dehi’, a local dialect in Mymensingh on BTV programme ‘Jadi Kichu Mone Naa Koren’ by Fazle Lohani.

Seventy-five year-old Lalu is now suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and old-age complications. Once, he was a source of entertainment for thousands of people but now he critically needs financial assistance from the affluent people. He has no means to pass the rest of the days of his life.

He worked for the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board and went on retirement in 1989. He somehow ekes out a stark living with the pension money of TK 1646.

‘We are passing a hard time with our eight-member family’, said the family members.

Lalu first acted in a drama titled ‘Palli Samaj’ in his childhood organised by Kohinoor Dramatic Association. Thereafter, Lalu was an inseparable part of Mymensingh cultural arena.

He first appeared in the silver screen through ‘Surjo Snan’ in 1962. He performed different roles in more than 100 films, including Ka Kha Ga Gha Uma, Sonali Akash, Dui Diganta, Raja Elo Shahare, Sat Rang, Nawab Siraj-ud-Dowlah, Chena Ochena, Abanchita, Dharapat, Protikar, Badhu Bidhay, Nach Ghar, Janajani, Matir Pahar, Ekhane Akash Neel, Katha Dilam, Abirbhab, Lal Memshaheb, Achena Athithi, Meher Banu and many more.

‘I also worked with Abdul Jabber Khan, the first filmmaker of ‘Mukh O Mukhush’, said Lalu.

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By CinemaGuru