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Actor and Directors of Monpura meet audiences

April 2, 2009

Chanchal Chowdhury, who played the protagonist in “Monpura,” and director of the film, Giasuddin Salim, along with renowned TV dramatist Brindabon Das visited Pabna last Wednesday. The trio watched “Monpura” in Rupkatha movie theatre that day and interacted with the audience. They also urged all to come to the movie theatres and encourage the film industry to produce quality films.

With the support of avid movie fans, the Bangla film industry has been its golden days, they conveyed.

The director, dramatist and actor trio stressed on the need to restore the heritage of Bangladeshi cinema so that the directors are encouraged to put their best efforts and the actors get opportunities to satiate their creative urge.

“Monpura” has been running successfully at Rupkatha Cinama Hall. Audiences thronging at the theatre is a clear indication that a quality movie never fails to draw interest among the masses. Keeping the local interest in the movie in mind, the theatre authorities decided to invite the artistes in Pabna, sources told.

Earlier the trio were accorded a reception.


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  1. mamun on Sun, 3rd May 2009 8:15 am 

    monpura movie is very good