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12th Dhaka International Film Festival

January 19, 2012

An international film festival is always significant in terms of exchange of views among filmmakers and enthusiasts from different nations. As the 12th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) is on, and a significant number of foreign delegates are here in Dhaka, some local filmmakers and activists share their views on the festival.

“It’s a major event. The total success of the festival relies on small successes of different sections. A significant number of delegates are here in Dhaka, and local participation is good. To me, this year the festival seems more organised compared to the previous arrangements,” said Sabbir Ahmed Chowdhury, president of Zahir Raihan Film Society.

“Filmmakers such as Dariush Mehrjui and Tahmineh Milani are here. Probably this is the only film fest in Bangladesh that has managed to draw international attention.

“At any major event, there will be some mismanagement. This festival is no exception. But I do think and hope that the organisers would be able to overcome such minor issues in future,” he added.

Filmmaker Nurul Alam Atique gives priority to the local cine-culture rather than few big festivals. He said, “Festivals are important to filmmakers and enthusiasts but we need a better atmosphere in the film industry and at theatres. We should focus on regular screening of films rather than taking part in festivals,” said Atique.

Noted actress Joya Ahsan, whose three films (“Guerrilla”, “Doobshatar” and “Phire Esho Behula”) are taking part in the festival, feels that major festivals like this provide a great opportunity to exchange views with actors, directors from other countries. She said, “I hope people would get inspired and go to theatres on a regular basis. Cultural exchange is a major aspect of a festival such as this.”

Young documentary-maker and organiser Anwar Chowdhury sees the festival as an encouragement, but is concerned about the quality of the films in general. Chowdhury, general secretary of Bangladesh Documentary Council, said that the number of participating films and countries is inspiring but the organisers should keep an eye on the quality of the films as well.

“This is [perhaps] the biggest film festival in our country in terms of local and international participation. I was at the inaugural ceremony and watched the opening film. That particular film is great but I’m not sure about how good all the films are,” said Chowdhury.

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  1. WALID on Thu, 31st May 2012 11:26 am 

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    I know many thing from there . GLAD

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    *~*wish you(DIFF)*~*

  5. Dr. A. Momin A Babul on Sun, 17th Jun 2012 5:14 pm 

    In our lovely Bangladesh after 1971 Liberation-war National Film Festival has not taken place which was missing in action! It was to be organize every 4 years as per the culture of nation building & Govt. Election then it would be of a more great success for International Film Festival!

    Football is our Nat.-sport in health building & entertainment as well as profession beside it could be more harmonious if we could promote our Bangla Cinema beyond any conflict but well respecting religion for which our Film Industry has not progressed as it was to be.

    I think Budget is the biggest problem and some kind of fear of gossiping. let there be enough light to encourage peoples to peoples participation in Bangla Cinema building towards Bangla Nation Building! Bangalira hashte shekhe-nai jane-shudhu kadte: that is changing now a days, let us keep it UP!

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    12th dhaka international film.

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