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Interview with Sohana Saba

March 18, 2009

One look at her and you will know that she was destined for fame and the world of glitz and glamour. From a dancer, to a model, then the big screen and the small screen she has done it all with panache.

It has always been Sohana Saba’s dream to be a part of the entertainment industry and become an actress. Ever since she was a child she had showed an inclination towards music and dance but she always wanted to take up acting as a career. Her mother Rakhshan Hossain who had been involved in various cultural activities gave her full support. Sohana says “I always wanted to become an actress, to do something special so that I stood out from the rest. I wanted people to recognise me when I walked in the streets; I wanted to be a celebrity from my childhood days.”

She enrolled in dance classes in Chhayanat when she was in Class I. According to Sohana “I used to be presented with many poetry books as I loved to recite poems when I was a kid.” When in Class VIII she began to walk the ramps and within a short time started getting offers to do plays. In 2004, Saba entered filmdom. She says, “I still remember that Sachhu bhai called me up, as (the actor-director) Kabari apu was looking for a girl to do a movie. It came as a surprise but I was selected amongst 300 other contenders. The name of the movie was “Ayna” and my co-artiste was actor, Ferdous. I played the role of an acid victim in the movie.” Sohana received rave reviews and much accclaim. Soon after, her second movie, “Khelaghor”, directed by Morshedul Islam, was released. She received many accolades for the manner in which she slipped with ease into the role of a Birangana (heroic woman) in the movie with actor Riaz as her co-artiste. Saba says ‘I was also doing a lot of plays simultaneously.’

She received the Meril Prothom Alo Best Critic Award in the year 2006 for her role in “Ayna”. The prestigious award is an epitome of her popularity and stature in recent high-quality films.

When asked about her future plans, she says, “I have never planned anything. I consider myself very lucky to do such good films and strongly believe that Almighty Allah will do whatever is best for me.”

Today, the actress enjoys an avid fan following as her diverse roles — both on big and small screen — continue to impress the audiences.


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