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Interview with Bobita

February 24, 2010

Seasoned actress Bobita is busy with several upcoming films at present. She is working in seven to eight films simultaneously, Bobita informed. Acclaimed filmmakers like Kazi Hayat, Maleque Afsari and Nargis Akhtar are helming the films.

Among the projects, Nargis Akhtar’s “Abujh Bou” is ready to be released. Maleque Afsari’s “Moner Jala”, Gazi Mahbub’s “Shurjo Khan” and Naser’s “Ma-er Jonno Pagol” are being shot at different locations. Other films featuring the actress are “Ek Janamer Bhalobasha” and “Putro Amar”.

Bobita is working with almost all leading actors and actresses of the industry, including Shakib Khan, Ferdous, Apu Biswas and Purnima.

Most of the films see Bobita as either a mother or a sister in law. The once-heartthrob of Dhaka cinema says that she enjoys working with actors belonging to different generations.

Three of her recent films – “Sramik Neta”, “Bhalobashar Laal Golap” and “Ek Buk Jala” — are being screened at theatres across the country.

The actress stays abroad – three to four months — with her son Anik Islam, who is studying engineering in Canada. “As I have to go to Canada shortly, I have to finish shooting my films,” she said.


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    hi babita apu,
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    bobita nam maney bangla cobir ak kingbodonti ovinetri.i always respect bobita. because she is my film mother

  11. mutasim billah riyad on Sun, 5th Dec 2010 2:54 am 

    bobita nam maney bangla cobir ak kingbodonti ovinetri.i always respect bobita. because she is my film mother.

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    I did not forget your acting in Satyajit Roy’s ASHANI SANKET. Why are you not acting in Indian movies? What are you doing now? -PULAK DEBNATH, ICHAPUR, INDIA

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