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Fire girl Mahi

February 15, 2014

At first glance one may be fooled by the doll-faced Mahi. Mahiya Mahi is no doll, she is a fire woman. She claims that she likes to argue and fight. Conversing with possibly the new heartthrob of Bangladesh’s silver screen, I was lucky to face only the other side of Mahi, who was having a hard time sitting still. She is incredibly jumpy and bubbly; like the girl-next-door you wish you had. Combined with a great sense of humor her charming and down-to-earth personality, Mahi, within a short span of time, has become one of the most sought after actresses in the world of cinema in Bangladesh. Mahi is not just pretty-faced; she also has the curves – slim and slender with an ideal height, and the face of an angel. Given her newfound popularity, it cannot be just me who thinks so…

Born in 27 October in Uttara, Dhaka, Mahi completed her schooling from Uttara High School and HSC from Dhaka City College with very good results. She is now a second year student of Fashion Designing. A proud and self-proclaimed spoilt brat, she recently switched her university. Mahi made her acting debut with Bhalobashar Rong in 2012. In 2013, Mahi appeared in four films. Her first release was Onnorokom Bhalobasha. Her next release was Pora Mon. So far, Mahi has worked on nine films and five have been released. Her next film was with Bangladeshi Cinema’s leading actor Shakib Khan in Bhalobasha Aaj Kal. Four more movies are to be released this year – starting with Agnee, which came out yesterday on Valentine’s Day.

My friends did a prank on my by singing my name on ‘Marks All Rounder’. I was furious but soon realized that I can skip three classes if I participate. I went up to the third round. From then on, I became fascinated with the industry. I used to love thinking of myself as model on billboards and posters. I suppose, that little prank ignited the actor in me.

Weight of fame? Most of the times I don’t even remember that people know me. I admit, right now, talking to you, I do feel that there is a weight on my shoulders – I am giving an interview. That weight gets heavier when I am shooting. At other times, I am the same Mahiya Mahi. I live for the moment, and I will always go back to my own-self.

Unlike most girls, I am not into jewelry or shoes. I do like dresses and different types of clothes though. How many shades of red are there? I want to find out with my collection of red saris. Oh! I love new phones. I am a gadget freak. Laptops, iPads, iPhones… you name it. I love them.

It’s a secret – I’m not supposed to tell. But I can’t keep secrets! So, here it is – I have a dream guy whom I call ‘Moyna’. After watching Moynamoti, I gave him this name. You may call him my imaginary love. There are three things I like in men: dark complexion and height. But again, he will have to have a nice smile and a pair of beautiful eyes – I am ready to compromise the rest for his smile and his eyes. I want to get married to someone from the film industry; and even my parents want the same. My partner will understand me and my work if he is from film industry.

During my school and college days, there were many boys who tried to court me and profess their love for me. And now, just take a look at my entourage, no one get through to me. I remember one incident; when I was in school, a boy sent me a love letter. In it, he wrote MAHI with his own blood. Such a bold move from a boy, I had to return the favour! Me and my gang pinched out drops of blood from our fingers and sent him a letter with blood splattered all over it. I wonder what that boy thought receiving the letter.

What a challenge Agnee has been for me! Agnee is a female-centric film, I am the main character, and the male lead of the movie is Arefin Shuvo. I have done things in this movie that have not been tried before in Bangladesh. Ninety perfect of the filming was done in Thailand. I haven’t watched the final cut, but I am sure it will create a stir in our in our industry. Enjoy the movie with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

When was the last time you were very happy?
After 46 days in Bhola – the moment I heard ‘pack-up’, I was extremely happy!
When was the list time you cried?
Again, we were in Bhola. On the 45th day I was missing my father and cried.
When was the list time you lied?
Today, just a few minutes ago… ha ha!
What scares you the most?
I am not scared of dying or getting hurt but I am afraid of cockroaches.
What is your favourite possession?
My phones! Darn it! I keep breaking or losing them.
What is your biggest achievement?
Many struggle for years to get to where I am now – so my quick rise to fame is my biggest achievement.
What is your biggest disappointment?
I wanted to be doctor, not the regular ones, doctor for the insane. But couldn’t.
What is favourite film?
What is favourite perfume?
What is the favoutire part of your body?
The mole under my lower lip.

* I am fierce when it comes to arguments and fights. But most think I am just a naïve girl who can’t hurt a fly.
* I love playing Badminton. Although I don’t get to play anymore.
* I love eating Fuchka. There is certain place in Uttara where I often go for Fuchka. To keep stalkers away, I’ll have to keep the name of the food-joint a secret.
* My favorite places for vacation are the ones I haven’t been yet: Switzerland, Shilma and Manali. Places with snow.
* Shabnur is my idol. I feel she is like me; jumpy and an eccentric. She speaks at the same speed as I do!
* If I have to do an urgent packing, the thing I would never forget are my phone chargers.
* Remember Madhavan? The actor in the movie with Diya Mirza, who sings zara zara… that is my dream date. I used to drool over the TV screen watching his smile. (From the movie Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein).
* I love wearing Sari, especially red Sari. Red Sari works as a lucky charm for me. Something good always happens when I am wearing red Sari.
* I have had good results, but truth be told, I owe it to the person sitting in front of me in exams for my good results! I am the champion for skipping classes.
* Almost every day I used to get punished at school. I used make master plans on how to skip classes.
* I was the leader of a gang in my school. My gang used to pick up fights anywhere we went to.
* I have no plans to work for TV for the time being. I want to establish myself in movies then I might think of other platforms.
* I used to be a flirt… still am! My entourage always surrounds me and now I can’t flirt anymore!
* I admire Zakir Hossain Raju as a director. He makes me feel comfortable as an actor.
* I think, Bobby, the actor, has the glamour to rival any international actor.

2012 Bhalobasar Rong
2013 Onnorokom Bhalobasha
2013 Pora Mon
2013 Bhalobasa Aaj Kal
2013 Tobuo Bhalobashi
2014 Agnee
2014 Ki Darun Dekhte
2014 Dobir Shaheber Songshar
2014 Moynamoti
2014 Desha-The Leader
2014 Janeman
2014 Firiye dao Amar prem
2014 Honeymoon
2014 Warning

by Zia Nazmul Islam

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