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Tisha answers her Fans

October 7, 2010

Model and actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha has been a familiar face to the TV viewers for a while, but her biggest claim to fame has been her critically acclaimed and audience-admired performance in Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s film “Third Person Singular Number”. The film has been selected as the Bangladeshi entry for the 83rd Academy Awards and will compete in the Best Foreign Language Film segment. She recently tied the knot with Farooki. Tisha became active in dancing, singing and recitation when she was very young, and earned a gold medal in the nationwide talent hunt “Notun Kuri” for her dancing skills in 1995. Since her introduction on TV through the play “Shat Poure Kabbo”, it has been a remarkable ride for the talented Tisha. The actress responded to fans’ phone calls in DS Cafe. Highlights:

Toufiq, Dhaka: Out of every possible profession, why did you choose acting?
Tisha: The gains from acting were so many! But of course my passion for acting also led me to the profession.

Anika, Dhaka: What kind of style do you prefer? Retro, or the recent trends? Who inspired you to act?
Tisha: I like both, as the styles evolved with time. My first inspiration came from my family.

Sagor Chowdhury, Sylhet: What qualities do you think an actor must have?
Tisha: An actor has to know how to act, of course. Learn the art and be determined.

Sohani, Gulshan, Dhaka: How are you and Farooki Bhai doing? How’s family life?
Tisha: With Allah’s blessings and your prayers, we are doing fabulous. ‘Farooki Bhai’ is doing well. We’re settling into family life.

Monirul, Jessore: How religious is Farooki Bhai?
Tisha: He is quite religious at heart. Thanks for calling from Jessore. My father’s side of the family is from Jessore.

Uchhash, Eskaton, Dhaka: Are you studying as well? Do you consider yourself a star?
Tisha: Yes, I’m studying Media Communication. I don’t think of myself as a star. I’m an ordinary person who is made out to be a ‘star’ by the people surrounding her.

The Daily Star (TDS): “Third Person Singular Number” is going to represent Bangladesh at the Oscars. Did you have this aspiration growing up?
Tisha: No, I wanted to be a doctor. But the fact that a film that I acted in is going to the Oscars thrills me!

TDS: What do you and Farooki call each other at home? Do you fight?
Tisha: I call him ‘Farooki Bhai’ at times. He calls me by my name. So far we haven’t had any fight.

TDS: Do you believe in pairing up with a particular actor on screen? If so, who would you choose to form a pairing with? Who have you worked with the most?
Tisha: I don’t believe in this ‘pairing’ practice. I like to work with people who I’m comfortable with. The audience response also counts. I’ve worked mostly with Mahfuz Ahmed, Apurbo, Sajal and Mosharraf Karim. Currently I’m working with Zahid Hasan and have also worked with Rawnak.

TDS: If you were given a choice to act opposite a favorite foreign actor, who would he be? What’s your favorite movie?
Tisha: Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise. I have countless favorite films. I watch a lot of movies but at times when I feel down, I like to watch cartoons.

Shafiq, Dhaka: How is your married life? Do you have enough freedom or are you restrained by the new commitments?
Tisha: I’m loving married life. There is no restraint between us; I still don’t feel anything has changed. The only difference is my mother used to accompany me before, and now it’s my husband.

Jahangir Alam, Dhaka: Any future plan to move to direction?
Tisha: Yes, but only after I learn the tricks of the trade.

Md. Rafiqul, Dhaka: I see you on the screen all the time, but never got to speak to you.
Tisha: Well, now you did. Thank you for calling.

TDS: You have worked with several directors. Any difference between the working approach of male and female directors?
Tisha: Usually women are more organised. But every one has his/her individual approach and there are exceptions.

Aman, Jatrabari, Dhaka: How long have you and Farooki Bhai been in a relationship?
Tisha: We have been in love for five years.

TDS: For your roles, you have to speak in several dialects. Is that difficult?
Tisha: Not a major problem. With practice one can do pretty much anything.

Shajib, Nilfamari: I have seen “Third Person Singular Number” five times.
Tisha: Thank You! I’m glad you liked the film so much.

Saju, Dhaka: Are you interested in working with other filmmakers besides Farooki?
Tisha: Definitely. I’ve received some offers. But I want to act in movies that people will always remember.

Niaz, Uttara, Dhaka: I want to be a news presenter. What should I do?
Tisha: Contact a TV station.

Sagir Ahmed, Dhaka University: I have some ideas that I think could be turned into interesting film scripts. What should I do?
Tisha: You can write them down and turn them to Novo Computers at Aziz Super Market, Dhaka.

Mahfuzur Rahman, Dhaka: I loved your performance in the drama “Graduate”.
Tisha: Thanks a lot!


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