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April 14, 2013

Of late Emon has occupied a strong position in the film industry, surpassing the popularity of many of his contemporaries. He is a favorite choice among directors, with many ongoing silver screen features on his plate.

In a month, Emon has penned contracts for six new movies, which include two new films by Chashi Nazrul Islam: “Bhul Jodi Hoy” and “Kothae Achho Kemon Achho”. Shooting has already begun for one of these films.

The other four films are Selim Reza’s “Na Bola Bhalobasha”, Raju Ahmed’s “Tobuo Tumi Amar”, Rafik Shikdar’s “Padma Parer Parboti” and Swapan Ahmed’s “Kuasha”.

On this latest flurry of signing for films, Emon says, “This is without doubt very good news for me. It’s also very positive for my career. All the movies have unique stories to tell and I’ll play diverse characters. I will try to put in my best efforts and use my talent to try and reach out to the audience.”

Earlier, Emon was a frequent face on TV plays, but he has stopped performing for TV. However he continues his modelling work.

Speaking on this shift from TV, Emon says “When I was very occupied with my television work I decided to go for a change and act in films. Eventually, I decided that I would only do films. Now, I intend to make movies and shine in this field.”

Apart from the six new projects, Emon has recently done shooting for the films “Padmo Patar Jol”, “Porobashini” and “Payra”. Bidya Sinha Meem, Lux superstar Mehzabien and Dipali will be acting opposite Emon respectively in the films.

Recently he has also shot for the new film “Tumi Shondhar Meghmala”. Several of his new films are also awaiting release, among them are: “Putro Ekhon Poishawala”, “Ei Toh Bhalobasha”, “Obujh Bhalobasha” and “Jonakir Alo”.

Emon expressed his optimism about the success of these films, adding that the audience will enjoy different facets of him in the films.

Emon made his film debut in 2009, with the movie “Ek Buk Bhalobasha”, directed by Ispahani Arif Jahan. So far, 14 of his films have been released, many of which were both commercial and critical successes. The most popular release so far has been “Lal Tip”. Emon says, “’Lal Tip’ brought me recognition among audiences from different strata. The movie was also praised abroad. This is a positive sign for the country’s film industry, as well as myself.”

“Gohine Shobdo” is another hit featuring Emon. The movie, which the actor terms as a “major turning point” in his career also picked up several awards on the international stage.

Asked what his current goals are, Emon answers, “I have no other dreams but films. I would be happy if our film industry continue to develop.”

Shah Alam Shazu

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