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March 27, 2009

It is really a great news that long cherished cinema ‘Monpura’ is now on different cinema complex. The very beginning of the show has seen a spiraling queue in front of the cinema halls. Without thinking twice we can say that it has been able to reach our expectation. Last Saturday I had an opportunity to enjoy the movie in Chittagong Almas cinema complex though hundreds of others had to return not being able to manage a ticket. However the very start of the movie fascinated me. Two main characters Sonai (Chonchol Chowdhury) and Pari (Mili) were spontaneous in their character. Really they have worked hard to make adjustment with rustic environment. Thanks to Giasuddin Selim who has tried his best to articulate all the matter like a consummate maestro. Also he may get a vote of thanks to be brave enough to release the cinema in the hall rather than selling it to a TV channel. Monpura already has got the fame for its songs released in Audio. So when the audience were listening to their favourite songs ‘Nithua pathare’, ‘Sonaro palonke sue’ or ‘Sonar moina pakhi’ they started to make chorus from every nook and corner of the hall. But due to lack of a cinema hall like Star cine complex we have suffered most for lack of good sound and nice environment. Last few years we are noticing a changing trend against the movies full with vulgarism. We expect more films like Monpura. In fine, we the audience should promote those films going to cinema hall and for this reason Let’s go Monpura.
Shakhawat Hossain


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34 Comments on "Go Watch Monpura"

  1. Arafat Kabir Sahir on Fri, 3rd Apr 2009 6:54 am 

    monpura movi ta kokhon charbe net e

  2. masuma on Thu, 9th Apr 2009 5:16 am 

    monpura is a very very nice and beautyful cinema.i like this cinema.

  3. jewel on Sun, 3rd May 2009 4:38 pm 

    i would like to thanks babu for his beatifull song

  4. Joseph on Thu, 7th May 2009 8:18 am 

    Babu sang a nice song.

  5. mohsin on Fri, 8th May 2009 2:41 am 


  6. mebin on Mon, 18th May 2009 3:23 pm 

    let us watch the movies we feel like it and can not disturb us

  7. hasan on Tue, 19th May 2009 6:43 pm 

    4rom wher i can dl monpura movie

  8. shalina on Wed, 20th May 2009 6:31 am 


  9. rasel on Tue, 2nd Jun 2009 10:18 am 

    i like

  10. Debashish Pramanik on Sat, 13th Jun 2009 2:12 pm 

    Khub valo legece…

  11. sohid on Wed, 24th Jun 2009 6:03 am 

    i want to see this fillm

  12. shwqat on Wed, 15th Jul 2009 12:23 am 


  13. RUBEL on Thu, 16th Jul 2009 5:09 am 


  14. RUBEL on Thu, 16th Jul 2009 5:13 am 

    I LIKE

  15. tsjaan on Tue, 11th Aug 2009 12:13 pm 

    i want watch this movie,plz sent me.

  16. Ataur on Sat, 26th Sep 2009 10:26 am 

    I want to watch Monpura

  17. uitssuman on Fri, 30th Oct 2009 11:59 pm 

    download monpura

  18. sk_mmb32 on Mon, 9th Nov 2009 4:31 pm 

    Monpura movie r jonnno w8 korte korte monta pure gelo..
    Bangla movie net è paoya jaina..ajke jogi kuno chobi mukti pai taile shei movie paoya jai net è 10 vosor pore……:)

  19. shafiq ripon on Sun, 22nd Nov 2009 2:52 am 

    great film

  20. Dhrubo on Thu, 3rd Dec 2009 3:30 am 

    From where we can download the movie?

  21. shamima on Fri, 4th Dec 2009 6:20 pm 

    plasce i can see the movi monpure

  22. allo on Thu, 10th Dec 2009 8:49 am 

    i see monpura

  23. sohail on Tue, 12th Jan 2010 6:33 pm 

    i like 2 say thanks 4 babu vhi.its realy nice film…………

  24. Ovi on Mon, 18th Jan 2010 2:31 am 

    i wont some movies

  25. Asish on Fri, 12th Feb 2010 6:47 am 

    please give me the download link…

  26. BASHAR on Sat, 17th Apr 2010 7:52 am 

    mon pura is great flim for Bangladesh flim industry.i like mon pura.

  27. Bokker on Thu, 27th May 2010 3:41 am 

    mon pura is great flim for Bangladesh flim industry.i like mon pura.

  28. Bokker on Thu, 27th May 2010 3:43 am 

    mon pura is great flim for Bangladesh flim industry.iso like mon pura.

  29. Abu mohsin haider on Tue, 2nd Nov 2010 6:29 am 

    i like monpura

  30. masrequl on Tue, 30th Nov 2010 6:50 am 

    this film is heart touchable film

  31. ANIMESH GOLDER on Sat, 6th Aug 2011 11:23 am 


  32. shohidul islam on Mon, 19th Sep 2011 12:42 am 

    very good. i like.

  33. DJ Limon on Wed, 8th Feb 2012 10:46 pm 

    The Picture Is As Like As Beautiful.

  34. mijanur on Thu, 7th Jun 2012 10:07 am 

    very nice