In The Sky new Film on legendary architect F.R. Khan by KHK Pictures thumbnail

In The Sky new Film on legendary architect F.R. Khan by KHK Pictures

November 13, 2009

Mind Venture Management Consultancy has taken the initiative to produce a 110-minute film on the late Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan. A preview session will be held at Radisson Water Garden Hotel on November 13. All the people involved with the film will be present at the open discussion and an audio-visual presentation will take place to disseminate a clear idea of the concept of the film.

“This initiative of Mind Venture is part of a bigger project to inspire talented young individuals,” said Ishrat Akhond, CEO of Mind Venture Management Consultancy.

“This year we’re producing an inspirational film. Perhaps next year it will be a book, and the next year, a documentary and so on. The idea is to highlight the exemplary lives of remarkable men and women, who have offered much to society. Generations can draw inspiration from their examples and achievements,” said Ishrat.

“When we talk about leadership, we tend to turn myopic — limiting our thoughts embracing political leaders. The root to the success of any country or organisation lies in leadership skills. The film ‘In The Sky’ is about such a leader. F.R. Khan is regarded as the ‘father of tubular design for high-rises’. Khan ushered in a renaissance in skyscraper construction during the second half of the twentieth century. In fact his passion and name has also reached the top,” she added.

Why F.R. Khan particularly, amongst the many other legends? “F. R. Khan was a prominent figure in USA, but his own countrymen here know considerably little about him. That and also because of the interest shown by his nephew Faizur Rahman Khan (MD, Asset Development & Holdings Ltd) and some well wishers. We wanted to highlight someone who was a self-made man and broke all the barriers in order to reach the top,” Ishrat said.

“We want more F.R. Khans, more Begum Rokeyas, more people with that same indomitable spirit,” she added. “Eighty percent of the film will be shot in Chicago. The director is Khijir Hayat Khan. The film features the complete truth and no exaggeration, so that people have the opportunity to see the facts for themselves.”

“We want to send positive vibes to convince people in a positive manner. If even one out of hundred gets that energy, the work will be a success.

“All in all, it’s a great film about a great person to create more great people,” she hoped.


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