about BanglaMovies.com

Our vision is to promote positive Bangla Movies and support those people who work hard to make quality bangla movies for the mass.

Today our Culture and our Bangla Movie industry is going through many challenges. Lack of vision and talents are among the primary reasons to blame. Even though quality of the movies went down in the 90s and early 2000s, there were people who always worked hard. They gave their best to make good and quality movies even during those bad years to represented our culture to rest of the world. Some people say bad times are not over yet and we totally agree. But good movies are being produced more often these days. The trend in last couple of years only make us hopeful and believers again!

Through this initiative, Our goal is to get involved and play any role we can to support and encourage those efforts. So if you still believe in Bangla Movies, our Culture, please join this small effort and the team!

BM Team

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